Why we created A Dedicated Track for GCCs at Cypher 2023

Global Capability Centers (GCCs) stand as beacons of operational efficiency and innovation for multinational corporations. These centers, often nestled in tech hubs across the world, primarily in burgeoning economies like India, have over the years redefined the manner in which global businesses operate. And at the heart of this evolution lies the role of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Recognizing the symbiotic relationship between GCCs and AI, we are thrilled to unveil “The GCC AI Transformation Track” at this year’s Cypher Summit. But what prompted the creation of this dedicated track, and why is it of paramount significance?

Redefining the Purpose of GCCs

Historically, GCCs were perceived as cost centers, primarily concerned with back-office operations and IT support. However, the past decade has witnessed a transformative shift. These centers are no longer limited to just support; they are at the forefront of business innovation, driving product development, strategic operations, and now, AI innovations.

Incorporating AI into the GCC ecosystem allows companies to harness its potential for data analytics, predictive modeling, automation, and so much more. AI’s capabilities, when intertwined with the human expertise available in GCCs, can lead to faster decision-making processes, improved operational efficiency, and the development of new, innovative solutions tailored for a global audience.

Why the GCC AI Transformation Track?

The rationale behind launching the GCC AI Transformation Track is threefold:

  1. Spotlighting Innovation: By dedicating an entire track to this subject, we aim to highlight the groundbreaking work being done at the intersection of GCCs and AI. This track will serve as a platform for thought leaders, innovators, and professionals to share their successes, challenges, and visions for the future.
  2. Promoting Collaboration: In an era defined by digital transformation, collaboration is key. This track offers an opportunity for stakeholders from various sectors to come together, exchange ideas, and potentially form partnerships that could reshape industries.
  3. Guiding the Future: As AI continues to evolve and find its footing in myriad sectors, there’s a need to continuously guide its trajectory, ensuring ethical, sustainable, and effective implementation. Through this track, we hope to shape the discourse surrounding AI’s future in GCCs, laying down best practices and guidelines.

In Conclusion

The GCC AI Transformation Track is more than just a series of sessions; it’s a testament to the changing times. It acknowledges the monumental role of AI in shaping the future of GCCs and, by extension, global businesses.

By introducing this track, we hope to foster a deeper understanding of AI’s capabilities, the opportunities it brings to the table, and its potential to redefine the very fabric of GCCs. We invite you to join us on this exploratory journey, diving deep into the world where GCCs meet AI, a world teeming with possibilities and promises.

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Why we created A Dedicated Track for GCCs at Cypher 2023