Pollock at Cypher 2023: The Fusion of Art and AI – A New Horizon in Creative Expression


Explore the mesmerizing intersection of art and artificial intelligence at Pollock, Cypher 2023, where creativity and technology converge to redefine artistic expression.

AI’s integration into the artistic process represents both an exciting frontier and a thought-provoking challenge. This October, the spotlight falls on Bangalore, where Cypher 2023 hosts the Pollock track – a platform dedicated to exploring the rich tapestry woven by AI in the realm of creative expression.

The Inspiration: A Dance between Human and Machine

Pollock, named after the legendary drip-painting artist Jackson Pollock, draws inspiration from a scene in “Ex Machina,” where technology and human emotion merge into a captivating dance. The scene encapsulates the philosophy that art resides “not deliberate – not random – someplace in between.” This intricate balance between thought and intuition, between machine and man, forms the core of Pollock’s mission at Cypher 2023.

Pollock: A New Dialogue

From 11-13th October, Pollock invites artists, technologists, scholars, and enthusiasts to an exclusive AI art exhibition, inspiring talks, and interactive workshops. The focus is to explore the fascinating intersection of machine learning, algorithm-driven creativity, and human touch.

[Panel Discussion] The Fusion of Art and AI: Navigating the Impact of Artificial Intelligence in the Creative Industry

One of the highlights of the track is a panel discussion led by Tapan Aslot, Creative Director and AI Artist, entitled “The Fusion of Art and AI: Navigating the Impact of Artificial Intelligence in the Creative Industry.” The panel will explore how AI is revolutionizing the way creativity functions in the industry, including its impact on art creation, the potential problems it might bring, and how it fosters growth in creativity.

The discourse aims to shed light on the intriguing balance between human intuition and algorithmic precision. The panel will engage in insightful conversations on subjects such as the ethics of AI in art, the evolution of the artist’s role in the age of machine learning, and the potential societal implications of AI-driven creativity.

The Future of Art in the Age of AI

As AI continues to permeate various aspects of our lives, its role in the art world poses questions that go beyond mere aesthetic appeal. How does AI influence the authenticity of artistic expression? What new opportunities and challenges arise as artists collaborate with machines? These and many more questions will find a stage at Pollock.

The beauty of Pollock’s approach lies in its embrace of both the transformative potential of AI and the timeless value of human insight. By fostering dialogues that reach across disciplinary boundaries, Pollock aims to elevate the understanding of art’s future in an increasingly automated world.


Pollock at Cypher 2023 promises to be a landmark event, marking a significant moment in the ongoing dialogue between art and technology. The pioneering vision of experts like Tapan Aslot and the community’s collective exploration of AI’s role in artistic creation will undoubtedly resonate with all who attend.

Join us in Bangalore from 11-13th October for a profound exploration of the dance between machine learning and artistic intuition, a dance that transcends boundaries and opens up new horizons in creative expression.


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Pollock at Cypher 2023: The Fusion of Art and AI – A New Horizon in Creative Expression