The GCC AI Transformation Track

Dive deep into the world of Global Capability Centers (GCC) and Captives, exclusively at Cypher!
A dedicated track on Day 3, exclusively focused on the evolving landscape of GCCs and Captives


GCCs/Captives in India serve as strategic hubs, harnessing local talent to drive global innovation and operations for multinational corporations.

Their importance lies in bridging cultural and operational gaps, enabling companies to achieve cost efficiencies while tapping into India's vast pool of skilled professionals.

Welcome to The GCC AI Transformation Track​, a dedicated track on Day 3, exclusively focused on the evolving landscape of GCCs and Captives.

Join us as we explore their transformative journey, spotlighting innovations, best practices, and the future of this dynamic sector within the broader AI and tech landscape.

When & Where

Day 3 [Oct 13 2023] , Hall 2

What to expect

Delve into the transformative journey of GCCs and Captives in India at the Cypher Captive Connect track. Explore the profound influence of AI on GCC operations, with insights from industry thought leaders sharing visionary perspectives and real-world experiences. 

Network with industry peers and immerse yourself in forward-thinking sessions that anticipate the next wave of AI-driven changes in the GCC landscape. Prepare to witness the symbiotic convergence of GCCs, Captives, and AI in this illuminating segment of the Cypher summit.

Key Themes at The GCC AI Transformation Track​

  • AI Frontier in GCCs
  • GCC Digital Transformation Tales
  • Sustainable AI Strategies in Captives
  • Workplace 2.0: AI in GCC Operations
  • Connected GCCs: AI & IoT Integration
  • AI-Driven Health Innovations in GCCs
  • Captive CyberGuard: AI in Security
  • Financial Fluency: AI in GCC FinTech
  • Virtual Realities: AI Enhancements in GCCs
  • GCC DataScape: Navigating AI & Ethics

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