Minsky Awards for Excellence in AI 2023

October 11-13, 2023

The Data Science Excellence Awards is now Minsky Awards for Excellence in AI and are given in collaboration with Association of Data Scientists.

The awards are dedicated to recognising the pioneering businesses in this field and raising public awareness of their work. The awards honour the outstanding use of data, analytics, and AI to foster innovation, develop new goods and services, and operational effectiveness in enterprises.

About the Awards

The Minsky Awards at Cypher are the most prestigious AI awards in the country, given out exclusively at the company or organization level. These awards are dedicated to recognizing excellence in AI, showcasing the very best in innovation and application of artificial intelligence.

The Minsky Awards for Excellence in AI aim to honor the outstanding advancements and contributions that organizations are making in the field of AI. Celebrating the companies and teams that are reshaping the world through artificial intelligence, machine learning, and robotics, the Minsky Awards stand as a symbol of innovation and success.

Across the globe, organizations are investing in Data Science & Artificial Intelligence to expand their capacity to learn, synthesize vital information, and apply new insights at scale. The Minsky Awards acknowledge these transformative efforts that lead to creative commercial solutions and remarkable innovations.

Marking its fifth edition, the Minsky Awards will be presented at Cypher 2023, a renowned gathering of AI professionals and enthusiasts.

The Award focuses on celebrating the innovation and optimization of enterprise processes that result in increased revenues and/or decreased expenses or risk. Entries are expected to demonstrate the tangible impact of these technological advancements within their respective organizations.

A standout feature of the Minsky Awards is its transparency and commitment to fairness. There are no application fees or hidden costs involved in these esteemed honors, reinforcing the integrity and significance of the awards.”

Evaluation Criteria

Our esteemed panel of judges will evaluate entries based on the following criteria:

  • Innovation: The degree to which the work represents a new idea or approach.
  • Impact: The significance of the work in its field or, in the case of an application, for end users.
  • Quality of the contribution: The rigor of the methodology and validity of the claims.

Rules and Requirements

Your entry must be submitted through the form provided (no other submissions will be accepted). Graphics, files, images, workflows or other supporting assets must be attached to the form. There is no limit to the number of submissions by each user.

Ensure you do not submit any material or text that is not sharable publicly.

If you have any questions about the submission process, please send them to info@analyticsindiamag.com


A total of 23 distinguished categories have been crafted for the Minsky Awards, with one esteemed award to be conferred per category, celebrating the diverse and pioneering achievements in AI across various sectors.

AI in Service Providers/Consulting Firms

1. Leading AI Service Provider
2. Excellence in AI Strategy Consulting
3. Best AI Implementation by a Service Provider
4. Most Innovative Use of AI in Service Delivery
5. AI-Enhanced Data Analytics Excellence

AI in GCC/Captives

1. Leading GCC/Captive for AI Innovation
2. Best AI Implementation in a GCC/Captive Environment
3. Excellence in AI Talent Development within GCC/Captives
4. Outstanding AI-Powered Business Transformation in GCC/Captives
5. AI-Driven Retail & Supply Chain Excellence by a GCC
6. Data Engineering Excellence in a GCC/Captive Environment
7. GCC AI Visionary Award
8. Rising Star GCC in AI

AI in Domestic Indian Firm

1. Leading Domestic Indian Firm in AI Innovation
2. Excellence in AI Research by an Indian Firm
3. Outstanding AI Product by a Domestic Indian Firm
4. Best AI-Enabled Business Strategy in an Indian Firm

Special Categories

1. AI for Community Welfare Award
2. Best Industry-Academia Collaboration in AI
3. AI Leadership Award
4. Breakthrough AI Technology
5. AI for Social Impact
6. AI for Sustainability Award

Meet the Esteemed Jury of the Minsky Awards at Cypher 2023

Introducing the distinguished panel of judges for this year’s Minsky Awards—industry luminaries and thought leaders who bring a wealth of experience and expertise. This jury is entrusted with the critical task of identifying and recognizing the most exceptional contributions to AI across various sectors. Their collective wisdom ensures the integrity and prestige of the Minsky Awards.

Faten Abdullatif

Chief Big Data Specialist at Roads and Transport Authority of Dubai

Dr. Agus Sudjianto

EVP, Head of Corporate Model Risk at Wells Fargo

Dr. Geraldine Wong

Chief Data Officer at GXS Bank

Avijit Chatterjee

Head of AI/ML and NextGen Analytics at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Frederik Bisbjerg

Chief Transformation Officer at AXA – Global Healthcare

Dan Merzlyak

Director, Head of Aladdin Data Migration Practice and Business Intelligence at BlackRock

Damian Leach

Chief Technology Officer - APJ at Workday

Manish Sethia

Vice President - Applied AI at Chubb

Alan Sumano

Vice President People Analytics, employee data at IHH Healthcare

Simon Goo

ED & Head, Group Risk Analytics at UOB

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