What was the First Cypher Like?

The inaugural Cypher conference, a defining moment in India's analytics landscape, was a vibrant confluence of thought leaders and enthusiasts, igniting conversations, fostering innovation, and shaping the trajectory of analytics in India.

In the grand tapestry of technological innovation, certain events stand out as defining moments, pivotal points that shape the trajectory of an industry. The inaugural Cypher conference, held in 2015, was one such moment for the field of analytics in India.

The event was a confluence of thought leaders, industry veterans, and enthusiastic newcomers, all united by their shared passion for analytics. It was a platform for insightful discussions, thought-provoking debates, and transformative workshops. It was a space where the future of analytics was not just discussed but actively shaped.

The event was a resounding success, drawing more than 400 analytics enthusiasts and professionals. The one-day summit, held at the Hotel Park Plaza, was designed to be an annual meeting to bring analytics professionals onto one platform. The summit discussed various trends and challenges in analytics through panel discussions, workshops, and exhibits.

Keynote speakers included industry stalwarts such as Atul Jalan, CEO at Manthan Systems, Lakshmana Gnanapragasam, Head of Analytics at Quantium India, Moumita Sarker, Director – Client Delivery at Cartesian Consulting, Sameer Dhanrajani, Business Leader, Cognizant Analytics at Cognizant Technology Solutions, and Vivek Ratna, Country Director, HP Big Data Platform.

The conference was divided into three streams: a main ballroom for conferences and panel discussions, and two workshop streams for focused talks by renowned speakers. The diversity of the sessions reflected the multifaceted nature of the analytics industry.

The discussions at the conference highlighted the three distinct segments within the analytics industry: large service companies with a focus on analytics, large technology companies specializing in big data and analytics, and niche players. Each segment brought its unique strengths and challenges to the table, contributing to a vibrant and dynamic industry landscape.

One of the key themes that emerged from the conference was the gap between what is expected and what is provided by analytics. There was a consensus that there is a need for “Business Storytellers” who can bridge this gap, translating complex analytical insights into actionable business strategies.

The conference showcased various B-schools, service providers, and analytics products in its exhibits. Among the B-schools, Great Lakes Institute of Management, Praxis Business School, and Alliance University showcased their analytics programs. With 32 speakers between keynotes, panel discussions, and workshops, the summit saw representation from more than 150+ companies.

The attendees had the opportunity to meet analytics leaders as well as representatives from Cognizant, Quantium, AnalytixLabs, Team Computers, Wiley, Bridgei2i, Manthan, and others. The summit recognized that leading businesses were already taking action to build analytics competencies and were preparing to accelerate the scale and pace of analytics deployment.

Workshops covered a range of topics, from the Internet of Things meeting Big Data, to how Housing.com has grown and structured its data science teams, to glimpses into Flipkart’s analytics solutions to drive business growth and user experience for its consumers and sellers. The applications of Genome Mapping in Marketing were also discussed.

The conference also explored the intersection of service and product landscapes in the analytics arena. The use-case driven hybrid statistical models along with foundational data models in a product framework were identified as potential game-changers, capable of bridging the gap between the world of products and services in the analytics arena.

The conference also delved into the realm of deep learning and the use of GPUs for computing tasks. The discussions highlighted the potential of GPUs in accelerating data processing and the promise of new technologies like the Hibernate and JPA compliant SQL data store Melt Iron.

The conference was not just about business and profit. It also highlighted the potential of analytics for social good, with organizations like DataKind using their data science skills to change the way the world operates.

The inaugural Cypher conference was a testament to the power of analytics. It was a reminder that analytics is not just about big data, but about using that data to drive meaningful change. Whether for business or social change, the challenges posed by analytics are vast, but so are the opportunities.

As we look back at the first Cypher conference, we are reminded of how far we have come and how much further we have to go. The journey of analytics is a long one, but with each Cypher conference, we take one more step forward. Here’s to many more years of innovation, inspiration, and impact in the field of analytics.

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What was the First Cypher Like?