Purnesh Gali

Purnesh Gali is leading Analytics initiatives at Hindalco as part of Aditya Birla Group’s Data Analytics Cell. He believes that the true potential of Analytics can be realized only when Data Science is combined with Engineering.

In his current role, he is driving Analytics adoption at Hindalco as part of the overall Digital Transformation journey by harnessing IoT and other large data sets across functions (Quality, Maintenance, Supply Chain etc.). In parallel, he is helping build a data driven culture through various capability building initiatives.

In his combined experience in US and India, he has evangelized Fortune 20 companies on the business benefits of leveraging Big Data Analytics and delivered large transformational projects.  He has led the development of a Data/ML Platform leveraging Open Source technologies that can Collect, Ingest, Store and Mine data from various sources (IoT, Customers, ERP etc.) and created a bouquet of products and solutions around Big Data, Analytics and Emerging Technologies.


Vivek Raghavan

Vivek Raghavan

Co-founder at Sarvam AI
Praveer Kochhar

Praveer Kochhar

CPO & Co-Founder at KOGO
Meghana (Meg) Jagadeesh

Meghana (Meg) Jagadeesh

Co-founder & CEO at GoCodeo

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Purnesh Gali

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