Pankaj Mittal

Pankaj has worked with Capital One (USA), Barclays Card (USA) and Axis Bank across various roles and functions spanning from Mobile Payments, Marketing, Digital, Distribution, Lending, Cards, Deposits, Forex, Insurance, Mutual Funds and Risk. Pankaj is an enthusiastic about numbers. He is an expert on Design of Experiments, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Techniques.

In his current role at Axis bank, Pankaj is responsible for providing strategic and analytical inputs to CEO, EDs, CFO, Business Heads to drive growth of retail and corporate franchises of the bank. He leads industry, competitive, customer behavior/transactions related advance analyses to identify and monetize meaningful opportunities in the bank.

Prior to joining to Axis bank, Pankaj was in US for 10 years where he worked with companies such as Barclays and Capital One in their credit cards and home loan businesses.

  • In Barclays Bank Delaware, he was among the founding member for Mobile Payments units in JV with A&T, T-Mobile and Verizon. He was also responsible for various portfolio optimization and M&A deals for the bank.
  • In Capital One US, Pankaj was responsible for Home Loan customer acquisition and profitability through Product Optimization, Web based Search and Display Marketing, TV, Direct Mail, Email strategies. Also, he led Credit Cards collections customer management, Risk Mitigation, optimized customer contact channel and improved operational process strategies.

In academics, Pankaj has an MBA from Indian Institute of Management Bangalore and Maters in Operations Research from Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas, USA.


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Pankaj Mittal

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