Nishant Chandra

• Hands on leader with 15 years of global experience in machine learning, product development, strategy, and R&D.
• Patents and publications in predictive analytics, data and text mining, speech and natural language.
• Center head of science team at a fortune 30 company and managed large cross-geo teams.
• Successful startup and VC experience including raising $4 million dollars for Lessac Technologies.
• Internationally represented India in the world puzzle championship at Stamford (CT), USA.
• Recognized as top 10 data scientist in India by analytics India magazine.
• President’s award to team at [24]; and senior leadership team (SLT) recognition at AIG.
• Classified as an outstanding researcher by the department of homeland security, government of USA.


Vivek Raghavan

Vivek Raghavan

Co-founder at Sarvam AI
Praveer Kochhar

Praveer Kochhar

CPO & Co-Founder at KOGO
Meghana (Meg) Jagadeesh

Meghana (Meg) Jagadeesh

Co-founder & CEO at GoCodeo

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Nishant Chandra

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