Avin Jain

An entrepreneur with more than 2 decades of Software experience, Technology Evangelist & a leader. Co-Founded BDI in 2008 & founded Big Data BizViz in 2015.

Designed and Created a Decision Platform (Big Data BizViz – www.bdbizviz.com) that has BigData Pipeline framework to handle Streaming, Structured, Unstructured data. This micro services architecture based modern platform can be extended to write business applications or customised Analytics flow. It has its elements of Augmented Analytics, Machine Learning with top end Visualization and usage for CXOs, Citizen Data Scientist, Data Scientists, Business Analysts, Business Users etc.
With User Base spanning millions of Users in different sectors like IT Enterprises, Agriculture, Health Care, Sports, E-Commerce, K12, Higher Education, BFSI, Retail etc this platform is liked by all.

With 18 years of BI industry experience, I embarked on an entrepreneurial journey in 2008 with little seed money and has applied Software Processes, Strong Training Methodologies, Innovation Principles and a never say die attitude to build a team, that can deliver quality software to millions.

BDB does business with Integrity and ensures that our partners and Customers grow with us.

Before BDI created & lead a team of 120 people for SAP Business Objects. Started with 7 and grown to 120 in 4 yrs. Delivered multiple projects & managed multiple product lines, including heading Mid Market for SAP BOBJ in 7 yr stint.

A graduate of IIT BHU, started IT career with Infosys of 90’s, worked for many MNC Clients, travelled across the globe. Joined a 45 people small company which became Ness Technologies. Got the chance to lead BOBJ’s new product division from offshore that got acquired by SAP (end to end BOT Exposure)


Vivek Raghavan

Vivek Raghavan

Co-founder at Sarvam AI
Praveer Kochhar

Praveer Kochhar

CPO & Co-Founder at KOGO
Meghana (Meg) Jagadeesh

Meghana (Meg) Jagadeesh

Co-founder & CEO at GoCodeo

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Avin Jain

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