Anand Srinivasan

Anand is the Chief Information Officer at Akasa Air. Anand carries over 25 years of global consulting experience spanning multiple domains, primarily in the areas of Aviation, Data Science, Analytics, and IT. He has rich experience working with commercial teams of various airlines across the globe.

In his last stint, he oversaw the Revenue Management function at GoAir and helped them navigate their first foray into international markets. Anand has also successfully led digital transformation initiatives at large global organizations like Dell, CISCO and SCB.

A well-known and respected name in the Analytics space, he was named among the top Data Scientists in India and is also a published author in the field. Anand is also a successful entrepreneur, having taken a bootstrapped entity to financial exit.


Vivek Raghavan

Vivek Raghavan

Co-founder at Sarvam AI
Praveer Kochhar

Praveer Kochhar

CPO & Co-Founder at KOGO
Meghana (Meg) Jagadeesh

Meghana (Meg) Jagadeesh

Co-founder & CEO at GoCodeo

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Anand Srinivasan

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