About Cypher

September 21-23, 2022

The mission of Cypher is to support technology professionals in their endeavours. Cypher is a conference series that celebrates the fusion of technology, culture, society, education, and art. It was established in 2015 in Bangalore, India.


The Most anticipated AI conference of the year is back

After 2 years and in-person

India’s Largest AI Summit, Cypher is the flagship conference of AIM (India’s leading tech media group).

Cypher started as a simple idea in 2015: Let’s connect the AI community with all industries, both old and new. It seemed to resonate.

Cypher has grown to become the “largest AI conference in India”. No conference has ever grown so large so fast. But we also pride ourselves in organising the “best AI conference in India”.

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Cypher is Brought to you by Analytics India Magazine

Analytics India Magazine (AIM) is a leading tech media brand in India.

Focusing on deep tech stack since 2012, AIM has become synonymous with the leading voice in Artificial Intelligence & Data Science.

Cypher is the flagship conference of AIM.

Meet, Interact & Engage

Networking opportunity with the participants from various segments of Indian analytics industry that can help you and your business. Network with an audience that’s most definitive representation of analytics industry in India.

Our Past Sponsors

Every year, more than 40 organizations sponsor Cypher.
To know more details, write to info@analyticsindiamag.com

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