Usage of AI to Democratize Healthcare For All


In a country with 1 doctor for 2000 people, the importance of proactive self-care to aid the overall healthcare ecosystem is critical. AI’s integration into self-care can help us do just that by reshaping health and wellness practices. Wearable technologies employ AI algorithms that can provide real-time insights to empower individuals to understand their health metrics and make informed decisions. AI-driven apps guide users through meditation, sleep optimization, and mental wellness exercises, allowing for personalized mental health interventions. Nutritional guidance has also been revolutionized, with AI suggesting tailored meal plans based on individual preferences, genetic makeup, or specific health goals. This democratization of healthcare, fostered by AI, encourages proactive health management. At Bayer Consumer Health, we have done just that by using AI to convert a non-smartphone into a total healthcare device for semi-urban and rural Indians.


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Usage of AI to Democratize Healthcare For All