Unlock your Inner AI to succeed in the AI world


Recent studies reveal that a significant 95% of our activities are influenced by our subconscious zone. In today's world, technology, particularly mobile phones, has led to a concerning trend where we remain physically present but mentally absent during various tasks. This shift is linked to the average person's attention span, which has decreased to a mere 40 seconds, resulting in adverse effects on employee performance and productivity. One critical player in this scenario is a part of our brain known as the anterior insula (AI). The AI operates mostly beyond our conscious control and is activated by stimuli that capture our interest, prompting us to pay attention. To harness this internal AI, it is suggested that we focus on asking open-ended questions to ourselves and others, stimulating the insula and consequently increasing our attention span and ability to concentrate. The ultimate goal is to master this AI inside our brain , which, in turn, will facilitate mastering the AI(Artificial Intelligence) outside our brain.


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Unlock your Inner AI to succeed in the AI world