Supply chain and logistics – A game worth learning to play


Supply chain and logistics are integral to almost every business. Though these are very serious matters, they are worth considering from a game perspective. A supply chain has a lot in common with a typical game. There are goals to meet and rules to abide by. There are other players, like suppliers and competitors, and several dice rolls - accounting for the market, natural, and geopolitical uncertainties. Over the past decade, AI technology has significantly advanced, allowing machines to learn and compete against humans in games such as Chess and Go at a grandmaster level. Recently, there have been publications showcasing AI systems that can learn and play strategy games with incomplete information, like Stratego and Diplomacy. Can supply chain and logistics professionals model their problems as games and get inspired by game-playing AI to develop their supply chain strategies? I will share how even a very simple supply chain and logistics problem can be turned into a game and how a player can develop a solid strategy by playing the game several times in a simulated environment.


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Supply chain and logistics – A game worth learning to play