Solving problems using intelligence and diving deep into Generative AI capabilities


In today's fast-paced and complex world, effective problem solving is an invaluable skill. Back to basics, this talk begins with an emphasis on not missing the forest for the trees and establishes “solving profound problems” as one of our core objectives. With an understanding of the broad spectrum of purposes and then focusing on business problems, we will delve into the “how” part and explore the dynamic synergies between human intelligence and AI for inventing new-age solutions. From this foundational understanding, we will transition into the world of AI applications in the banking industry. Venturing deeper, we will dive into recognizing the remarkable combination of cognitive and creative prowess of Generative AI. Navigating the profound waters of this transformative technology, we will unveil some of our key strategic frameworks for efficiently and responsibly adopting Generative AI to solve real business problems. Join us for an immersive journey into the boundless depths of Generative AI, where creativity, innovation, and imagination converge, promising to reshape industries, redefine human-machine collaboration, and open a world of new possibilities.


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Solving problems using intelligence and diving deep into Generative AI capabilities