Immense possibilities of scaling Generative AI Solutions


One of McKinsey's reports reveals that approximately 75% of the potential value offered by generative AI use cases is distributed across four key areas: Customer Operations, Marketing & Sales, Software Engineering, and R&D. Additionally, a study conducted by Gartner indicates that around 45% of AI initiatives are focused on Service & Business Continuity, whereas roughly 43% centre on Revenue Growth & Cost Optimization. This implies that while the impact of Generative AI spans various industries, there exists an equally significant opportunity for different functions within organisations to accelerate their adoption of Generative AI solutions. This shift necessitates a change in both belief systems and organisational culture. As leaders, it's important to ask ourselves if we are adequately prepared for this transformation. Where should we begin? Should we outline a roadmap, identify pain points, or seize potential opportunities to guide our investment efforts? Moreover, are there any early indicators that can substantiate the rationale for these investments?


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Immense possibilities of scaling Generative AI Solutions